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Why would the aliens want to come to Earth, let alone invade? Some species had benevolent reasons and wanted to study us for science. Some wanted to make peaceful contact. However, there was political unrest among a number of alien systems. Several species had learned that they could use human females for breeding as their own ability to reproduce had become difficult. Our planet is full of natural resources highly desired by alien species. Reptilians felt it was time to take back the planet that had been their Motherworld but they needed Earth’s environment to be warmer. Their Queen was convinced that human greed and weakness – by coaxing the corrupt human elite into technologies and political mistakes – would bring human civilization to its knees.

Some like Prince Agni didn’t want to wait for the humans to do it on their own. At the secret base in Antarctica, or New Berlin, Prince Agni of the Draconian Empire and his troops arrived through a dimensional gate. They had made a deal with the Nazis. The Nazis wanted the weapons and technology needed to take back the Fatherland, crush the Jews, and be overseers of Earth for the reptilians. The reptilians wanted thousands of women each year for breeding and sex slaves, plus thousands of men for meat.

At the time of this mission, Mark was an officer of the US military and the UN. He was the field agent assigned to retrieve information about a new Chinese deal with enemy aliens. He was told that the report he retrieved actually revealed a double-cross by the aliens. While they made a new treaty with the Red Chinese, two alien Collectives had been planning a final blow to the concept of a free humanity. With the use of a tectonic weapon, they planned to cause massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tidal waves to neutralize governments and military. With the help of the Nazis, they planned to take over the Earth, turn humans into a slave race, exploit the planet’s wealth, and use the Nazis as overseers.

Some of the reptiloids lived in the Antarctic region in prehistoric times, and the off-planet reptiles were survivors of that race who had gone out to explore space millions of years ago. Those who stayed here were wiped out by an asteroid strike, except for a few underground cities. Ancient ‘pre-Nordic’ humans, whose lost and long-forgotten civilization now lies buried beneath the sands of the Gobi Desert, waged a war for the surface of the planet against the ‘serpent races’ who had taken up residence within a system of massive multi-levelled underground caverns beneath the southern slopes of the Himalayas and the Indian subcontinent.

After a crash of saucer in Germany in 1936, the German military sent out teams to Afghanistan, Tibet, the Gobi, and Antarctica to find any trace of these civilizations or the ‘gates’ that the craft apparently used to reach Earth. Just after WWII, Mark’s father was involved with the military missions to take the Afghan and Tibetan gates away from the Nazis, but for a number of reasons they were able to hold on to the one in Antarctica. The Russians found and held the two gates in north-central Asia, the Red Chinese got the Gobi Gate, and in the 1950s took the one in Tibet. We fought the war in Vietnam over the Indo-Chinese Gates, and didn’t leave until we thought they were closed for good.

In 1976, it was believed that the gate in Laos was opening. Agents were sent to Laos to find and protect the gate. Aliens had been going to Laos for centuries to capture human females. In fact, the Plain of Jars in Laos was meant to protect the humans from the energy wash and radiation of alien ships. While our agents were there, a battle did ensue with the crew, robots, and combat squads of a Grey lightship – an engineering vessel sent to open the gate.

Fortunately for the human race, the aliens kept underestimating our technology and overestimating their spy network within our agencies and organizations. They’d been able to corrupt civilian agencies like the CIA, but had only limited success in getting human agents into military intelligence groups.

One thing learned in the report is that Bechtel Corporation had built half of the military’s Top Secret facilities by 1976, and most of the Greys’ facilities. At the time of this mission it was learned that Stephen Bechtel, head of the family firm, was pro-New World Order. Bechtel would build anything for anyone.
在報告中的一件事是,Bechtel公司已經在1976年建造了一半軍用秘密設施,和大部分灰人的設施。當時Stephen Bechtel是其家族負責經營那公司的首領和新世界秩序的支持者。Bechtel會為任何人任何人的金錢而賣力。

George H. W. Bush was CIA Director in 1976 – another New World Order man. The men who pulled his strings ordered him to Cheyenne Mountain because things were out of control. The deals with aliens were about to fall apart, if America’s Special Operations forces tried to stop them. There were rumors that the US military’s super secret black ops forces had organized enough of a force to defend the planet. Bush was supposed to find out if such a black ops force existed.

The human thirst for knowledge was what had brought us to the attention of more aliens, as well as powerful human organization that didn’t want the general ‘mob’ to get any more power or information than had already been taken. The last thing such ‘shadow powers’ wanted was the disclosure that human governments around the world had known for decades about ETs, had collected dead and living ETs and their craft, had obtained some alien technology, and had communicated with different groups of ETs. Furthermore, governments had participated in an Earth/alien conspiracy to keep the full extent of the alien presence and agendas secret. The core of the conspiracy revolved around the knowledge of not only space travel but time and dimensional travel as well.

The few human attempts into space up to that time had been carefully managed by the so-called superpowers and their close friends. No civilian space ventures were allowed without government oversight and ultimate control. If any program started to bring back too much dangerous information, it was either ‘managed’ or ‘terminated.’ The NASA Apollo Moon landings were a perfect example. As soon as they had done their real job – act as a cover for the funds and operations that it took to launch the Orions and build a military base on the moon – they were stopped. When Pioneer 10 and 11 got images of things in space that the public shouldn’t see, one was destroyed and one was infected with alien nanobots that took it off-course.

The military learned that the NWO planned to poison American vets and military men who had dealt with ETs or who might have gone public when it became clear that an alien invasion was happening. Plus, there was to be violence in Lebanon to cover the placement of a tectonic weapon there. The poisonings took place between July 21-24 at the American Legion convention in Philadelphia. There was violence in Lebanon. The agents who had gone to Laos then went to Lebanon to destroy the facility with the tectonic weapon.

Prince Agni had ordered the killing of his brother, Prince Naga. When that attempt failed he was not happy. Then the Lebanon facility was destroyed and he was told of a fleet heading toward the base.

Mark’s father, commander of the mission, led the human forces in the Antarctic to attack the secret base where the tectonic weapon was located.

Several of the Nazis had decided to join the UN forces against the reptilians. But, upon entering the base, the humans were met by Agni’s T-Rex shock forces that were quite a foreboding enemy. The T-Rex attack was failed, however, and the humans repulsed two thrusts by Agni’s private guards.

In the Command Center, the reptile engineers were able to get the tectonic weapon’s reactors on line, and get the startup in process for the shock waves that would set the giant earthquakes off. Agni’s plan was to set off localized quakes to weaken the upper mantle of the earth and get the joints along the great tectonic plates. China would be first to cover the massive kidnapping of humans to repay his debt to the Product Cartel; then moving south to the Philippines, Java, and a series of massive shocks in the Indian Ocean. The planet would then suffer massive tsunamis washing away anything left of human civilization along the coasts. Finally, Earth would be volcanically active – a nightmare world for humans. Not even the undersea civilizations would survive.

As the human commandos reached the Command Center, the raptors changed their tactics and slaughtered several French and American men as they pushed forward. Try to imagine 7-to-9-foot-tall very strong raptors with kill claws that would tear a man to shreds instantly, or throw him into a wall, or eat him. Plus, the raptors had shock weapons that would melt the humans’ rifles.當突擊隊員達到指揮中心,raptor們會改變他們的戰術和推進前宰殺了幾個法國人和美國人。去想像7-9尺高的非常強壯的raptor帶著鋒利的爪能立即將人撕成碎片,或者把人扔到牆上,或者吃掉人。還有,raptor有衝擊波武器能融化人類的來福槍。(譯者注:那種吃人又大只的傢伙不就是星際之門阿特蘭蒂斯劇中的人類的敵人麼?會說人話,又吃人,又強壯...而且有女王。)

A withering firefight was taking place in the atrium. The Russians were about to be over-run when British SAS troops arrived and joined the Russians.

Years later, one of the British agents on the mission told Mark about what happened when Rich found himself in the middle of the combat himself.

Lagkrok was leading his forces in a decisive charge around both sides of the large entry lobby, in what was quickly turning out to be the slaughter of the human force. Rich had rallied about 30 men behind a fountain. The 8-foot-tall raptor snapped a man in half and turned to face Rich.

As Fate played the hand, both leaders tried to fire their hand weapons only to realize that the reptile’s shock gun had exhausted its power source and Rich’s MAC-10 had run out of ammunition. The two seemed to know instinctively that they faced an enemy hero. They both smiled as the reptile opened his kill-claw and Rich drew his foot-long fighting knife.

They paced each other like pro-wrestlers as the battle around them seemed to quiet for a few seconds. The raptor lunged, sure that he would make short work of the human. However, Rich rolled back and raked his knife over the reptile’s forearm.

Lagkrok realized that this was a fellow warrior. “I shall eat your heat with pride, human,” he hissed in German. “A hundred before you have said that,” Rich returned in his perfect Rhineland German, “and yet I stand.”

The raptor struck with his kill-claw, but Rich avoided it and spun to cut into the reptile’s thigh. The reptile snapped at Rich’s head but somehow missed. The other kill-claw managed to cut Rich’s chest strap, but did not wound flesh. Rich cut the raptor’s knee cap as he lept over his sweeping tail. As the raptor tried a double-footed kick, Rich lept aside and sliced the raptor’s ankle. The raptor fell to the cement, flinging his paws wildly to keep Rich at bay. Rich rolled up behind him and slit open his throat.
We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on! We're going to survive!


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All of this took place in a matter of seconds. After the kill, Rich put one foot on the dead raptor leader and let out a scream that made the other raptors run, but were blocked by arriving Imperial Shock troops.

The humans were able to recapture the Command Complex, but discovered that they were too late to capture Agni or stop him from starting the process. Rich was not happy to find the jello-like remains of yet another alien species – a Jotun shape shifter that had taken on the likeness of a German officer.

The Jotun have visited the Earth for thousands of years. They did not fit into any picture or understanding of life that humans understood. While they had been around since the dawn of human history, their unreasonable nature had brought so much fear that people had reduced them to legend as the only way they could cope with them.

They were not a carbon-based life-form. They were closer to being living crystal than any animal that we can related to. They have the ability to change shape at will. You never knew when one was quietly acting like part of a building right next to you, or the sidewalk under your feet. Younger, smaller ones, could even duplicate people. Their nature demands that they consume everything they can. They can only take on the shape of something comparable to its own size: a young Jotun can only become a rock, small item, or a child; an older Jotun can become a boulder, a building, an adult human, etc. To take on the look of a human is impossible for most. To get through dimensional gates, they have to travel in a protective container.

Rich ordered his men to take any reptile or Jotun prisoners back to the HORNET. What they didn’t know until it was too late was that two of the raptors had devices on their trophy belts that were used to focus a Jotun directional jump gate.

Towards the bow of the ship, just inside the open hole of the elevator, a round light-blue ball now about twenty feet round shimmered, its bottom just touching the deck. Through it, horrible-looking creatures were lumbering out, one at a time. As the men fired their guns at the monsters, the bullets seeming only to slow them, the creatures screamed – but seemed to at first be more interested in pulling off the thin red membrane that covered its oscillating form. About the size of a large gorilla, the creatures looked something like a moving rock, but with what looked to be two heads (one being a false target) and ever-changing form. They carried no obvious weapons, as their bodies could shift to create about any needed weapon or tool in seconds.

The first ones through were slaughtering the ship’s human defenders.

The membrane that covered them was a seamless, microporous, aerosol barrier that allowed the Jotun’s form to stay cohesive as they passed through a wormhole. To fight, they needed to remove it quickly.

Rich was ready to blow up the HORNET in order to close the gate and keep the Jotun from taking over the ship.

Mark’s assignment was to command as many advanced craft as could be put airborne. His personal craft was to be the MINERVA, an alien-technology ‘living’ thinking craft that used a mind-control interphase between the ship and its human pilot. She raided stars for her power, and sought weak points in the space/time fabric, forming her own ‘gates.’ She could shape-shift and was equipped with anti-matter weapons. She’s a fascinating ship.
MINERVA stands for Multi-Interdimensional Nominalistic Energy Repulsion Vehicle Accelerator. She accepts no limitations to her existence. It exists to survive and perform its duty to the life-forms that it accepts as a symbiont. She can be an exploration vehicle or a warship. She accepts no past, present, or future.
The first man who tried flying her had been killed. Mark knew the mission could be his last. While testing the ship at Area 51, they discovered a Grey in the mountains that was targeting them. It was destroyed with a microwave beam. To avoid the oncoming attack, Mark thought the word ‘vertical’ and the MINERVA jumped through a fold in time and space, taking them to Saturn in 7 seconds. Of course, it was assumed that Mark’s ship had blown up, and that’s what was leaked… In the meantime, Mark was given a wonderful education in space to back up his previous studies – about the space real estate and the inter-dimensional character of space and time.

Mark was in charge of the air battle over China against the enemy forces. They staged the attack from a Top Secret facility at a then-active complex in Kazakstan that was prepared with equipment and heavy weapons. Secret reports told of how the Soviets had fought off aliens across the area for years.

When the China Gates opened allowing the entry of the first Collective fighters, alarms went off at the complex. Mark and his squadrons of saucers darted off to remove the first wave and head to the Gates. The more conventional aircraft were left to defend the base if necessary. Watching them leave, a Russian general commented, “If they love, we all become the cattle of the aliens. If they win, the public can never know about their victory or their risks. These are true comrades, whom the Motherland can be proud of, but will never recognize…”

Mark’s troops met the first wave only to discover that they were unmanned attack ships – fotofighters – launched from a mothership. Mark knew they were likely out-matched. He reported, “The MINERVA’s brain-activated control formed a wider band of neurosensors in what now amounted to a skull cap on my head, to better convert all of my brain waves into exact electronic commands. A battle area illuminated with blinding flashes from lasers and all sorts of energy weapons meant the dome’s projection had to be able to cut the brightness of the image instantly, and several more ‘heads-up’ displays now popped up in the air a few feet in front of my face (always in the same place in my vision, no matter where I turned my head), all part of the advanced holographic display.”

The first encounter went relatively well, thanks mostly to the ships. Several were lost, but the fotofighters soon became easy to target and shoot down. The MINERVA had been able to determine the origin for the enemy craft as well as the location of the open China Gates. Mark and Naga could see that hundreds of enemy craft were coming through the gates. They knew they would soon face overwhelming odds and perhaps a mothership as well.

MINERVA changed herself into something close to flying stingray for better aerodynamics. Mark told his men, “This is it, gentlemen. Anything that isn’t UN blue is an enemy. There is no retreat. We stand, hold, and destroy. Let’s rock-and-roll!”

They went in over the hilltops towards the enemy armada. The two China Gates were shimmering ovals in the sky, about 50 yards above the land, each about a mile wide. They were omnipresent holes in our dimension – always there, but not always open. The energy required to rip the closed fabric of our universe to open such portals was more than anything humans could create…something along the lines of a small black hole or energy output of our sun for a year all crammed into a half-second.

Hundreds of sleek warships of all shapes from the small fotofighters to destroyers were coming through the gates. Huge transporters had already landed to disgorge thousands of robot hunters and Trog slavers – insect-like creatures who controlled the off-world human slave trade – starting to gather helpless Chinese civilians. Our ships plunged into their fleet, weapons shooting in every direction.
從小fotofighters到毀滅者釋放出來的數百隻各種形狀的光滑的戰船是正在通過星門。巨大的運輸船已經登陸去釋放數千隻獵殺機器人和奴隸Trog — 像蟲樣的生物控制著非地球人類奴隸貿易開始去搜集無助的中國人。我們的飛船插入他們的船隊,用武器向每個方向都射擊。(譯者注:在美劇科幻片中看這個情景太多了...

It was impossible to hide the resulting action from the Chinese people. The strange lights would long be remembered by millions and the stories of strange craft battling each other would be told for years to come.
We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on! We're going to survive!


In the first 5 minutes, Mark had lost 80% of his men. They had not expected so many enemy craft. Mark ordered one of his men to take what was left of the wing and return to the complex to warn the Russian general. They were to nuke the gates if Mark’s new plan didn’t work.

Before they could engage their plan, though, they had to fight off several enemy craft including one that was about to attack a Russian space station. After Mark’s ship was hit badly by enemy fire, it was aided by a Russian space canon.

Mark and Naga then headed into the oncoming enemy fleet at about 80,000 mph. He reported, “The ship seemed to come alive, anticipating not only my next command, but foreseeing the next enemy move and taking the correct actions to prevent their success in every attack of faint. In seconds, my expectations and foreknowledge of enemy tactics and traditions increased, as the ships communicated vast amounts of information while we performed dramatically wild maneuvers in the sky over China…”

They then flew their spacecrafts into the gates, each releasing anti-matter weapons. Seconds later, they hit the flux and traveled through the wormhole, not knowing where the ‘other side’ would actually be. Mark said that it felt like “a million ants playing football with steel wool on your flesh.” The flux fields destabilized instantly, then a visible shock wave rolled from the gate like flaming water to cover 100 miles in every direction in seconds – destabilizing any matter it touched. The wave then pulsed, and rolled back to the flux field leaving nothing behind it. Unfortunately, there were 6 alien ships full of culled human captives who also died in the gate closure.

Most of the invasion force was gone. The few enemy ships that were left were fought off by our forces. In two hours the last 6 alien ships headed out into space where they were chased by the Orion fleet for days to make sure they left our solar system.

The Chinese had the problem, though, of the impending earthquake that they couldn’t warn their people about – an earthquake that was going to shake that nation’s economy to its core. Rich’s engineers had worked to pinpoint the location of the targeted earthquake, but the information came too late. On July 28 at 3:42 AM, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Tangshan. Over a million people lay sleeping, unaware of the disaster about to befall them.

Who was there to care? There were no news teams or private video cameras in those days. The Red Chinese government worked for months afterward to hide or remove any trace of the events that took place. Hundreds of witnesses who tried to report that people had been herded away by ‘monsters,’ had to be removed. One of the tragic side results were the rogue waves as far away as the Indian Ocean that took the lives of untold people. Also, long-range environmental problems were caused.

When Mark and Naga returned from ‘who knows where’ in space, they suddenly appeared on the USS HORNET, with special weapons to combat the Jotun. Singing the Air Force anthem in full voice, Mark started firing on the creatures with the same goo that had enabled them to come through the wormhole, only thicker. After the tenth round, Mark was caught by a Jotun that had stretched out an arm 30 feet, and used it to whip Mark 20 feet into the bulkhead.
當馬克與Naga從一處不知道的太空返回,他們突然出現在USS HORNET,帶著特殊的武器與Jotun戰鬥。全力大聲唱空軍的軍歌,那些Jotun帶著粘性的東西能夠使他們通過蟲洞,只是更厚,馬克開始向那些生物開火。在十個回合後,馬克被一隻Jotun伸長30尺長的手臂抓住,和突然把馬克甩到20尺遠隔壁船艙

Rich and his men – who had been singing along with Mark – now moved forward, guns firing. With a bleeding head wound, Mark staggered to his feet and helped the other men push the Jotun back towards the gate. As the song ended, the last shape shifter had either been turned back into the gate or covered with red slime to die. Naga fired a large gel mass to cover the gate’s flux field. The enemy at the other end got the message, cut off the gate’s power, and the gate vanished.

Unfortunately, one of the fleeing Jotun had released Agni and six raptors. “You have ruined everything, human,” Agni screamed to Mark in German, then switched to English. “Fight me, puny coward.” Leaping 40 feet to the hangar deck, Naga intervened. Agni made the mistake of attacking Naga. Before he was slaughtered, though, Agni revealed that the Nazis had arranged to kill Mark’s and Naga’s women and children. So, off they went to save their families. Even Mark’s mom was whisked away to safety by an IS team in case the enemy had sent a team to California.

That task accomplished, representatives from the IS member nations gathered to celebrate their victory and meet about the mission. Clare Booth Luce asked Rich if they’d be able to hold the coalition together long enough to push back the aliens.
那任務已經完成,來自IS成員國的代表聚集一起去慶祝他們的勝利和在這任務中的相遇。Clare Booth Luce問瑞奇,如果他們能夠繼續聯合一起,能夠迫使外星人離開。

“I don’t know,” Rich answered. “Now that the Germans of New Berlin are on our side, we have a better chance but we need to firm up our alliances with aliens who would be our friends…even if that means allowing them to have an embassy on Earth. We also need to free up the Orion fleet from near space, and let them go out and investigate the suggestion of alien bases in our solar system. If the Nordics really have a large manned station, we need to make contact. We can’t take another hit like we suffered at the China Gates…”

While they risked their lives to save all humanity, Rich and Mark basically fought for three things: they fought for love; they fought for their bloodline; and, they fought for the promise of a human future, where people would be free to know life and love as they did.

In August 1979, the Battle of Vesta took place. At this time, Mark was captain of one of the Orion battleships. While en route to the asteroid Vesta, which is between Mars and Jupiter, for a peace conference with aliens, his ship encounters an unknown alien cat-like species and experiences a ‘first contact.’ These beings use a singing language, can fly, and were friendly to Mark and his crew.

The fleet was informed of an ambush on the Nordic base by the Trog insect –like species. Their intention was to then use a superweapon at the base to attack Earth. A large battle ensued. Several heroic men died. Mark was almost among them. Fortunately, we were victorious once again.
船隊被告知在北歐型外星人的基地[路上/附近/堶情H?]Trog insect類的外星人埋伏。他們企圖用這基地媔W級武器攻擊地球。一場巨大的戰鬥發生了。幾個英雄般的人類死了。馬克也幾乎死掉。幸運地,我們又再勝利了一次。
We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on! We're going to survive!


Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr. (Mark’s dad) was commander of Deep Space Fleet of Orion-class space-battleships.
Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr. 馬克的父親,是深空獵戶座太空戰鬥艦隊的指揮官。

Mark Richards was captain of the USS Valkyrie.

New NASA astronauts who were part of mission: Ellison Onizuka, David Griggs, and Ron McNair.
新的NASA宇航員參與了部分任務的名單是:Ellison Onizuka, David Griggs, and Ron McNair.

Deke Slayton was the Manager for Orbital Test Flight a few years before shuttles were actually launched.
Deke Slayton在穿梭機實際發射之前幾年使軌道測試飛行航班的主管。

Orion-class space battleships – used nuclear bombs for power; tight formation was 25-100 miles apart. Privately funded by 9 UN nations: US, France, Japan, India, USSR, and Britain. Developed by Theodore Taylor (Mark’s relative) and Freeman Dyson.
獵戶座級戰鬥艦隊用核彈做動力;密封結構相隔25-100英里距離。被9個美國、法國、日本、印度、USSR和不列顛聯合國家建造。由Theodore Taylor(馬克的親戚)和Freeman Dyson所設計。

Pre-1979 – used chemical thrusters like rockets, for turns.

From 1979 on, used nuclear thrusters – NERVA.

At the time of BoV, ships were being upgraded from the 19400s design; just like naval ships were upgraded from coal to oil.

Ships only had military computers for mathematical calculations for navigation & weapons; used slide rulers for other calculations. It was not like Star Trek.

Infrared Astronomical Satellite: to study infrared sources from space; had a nuclear core; was a light wave meter; could be used for limited-range weapon. (pp 7, 40)

** It’s important to remember that nothing is really like Star Wars. You don’t see beams coming at you. You don’t see the ship explode from the weapon fired at it. Ship is not cut in half. The weapons fried components or killed the life inside.

Orions did not have force fields.

Description of Kuiper belt

Description of Oort Cloud

Discussion of aliens & their agenda: Allies were observers; Collectives were commercial hi-tech traders. (p. 22)

Mark flew to the Valkyrie in a Draconian Short-Range Interceptor.

Navigation: 2 problems getting to another star system or planet

1. How to get there fast enough.

2. Problems with navigation: gravity waves, solar winds, changing position of target, time (p. 16)

NERVA, p. 38 – Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Applications; begun in 1963 with Aero Jet Corp. as primary contractor; ‘officially’ terminated in 1972 when government decided to cancel civilian plans to send humans to Mars. From 1955-1971, US spent $3.5 billion on this program.
NERVA,p.38 — 用於火箭載具的核動力引擎;開始於1963年的Aero Jet公司。作為主要承包者;官方地1972年終止,當政府決定取消發送人類到火星的民用計畫。直到1955-1971年,美國在此計畫上花去35億美元。

GCNR - Gas Core Nuclear Rocket, pg. 38: designed at same time as NERVA; capable of sending crew into inner solar system faster and contained shielding against radiation.
GCNR — 氣體核心核動力火箭,38頁:和NERVA同時被設計;有能力更快地把船員發送到內太陽系的位置,和有防輻射的保護盾。

Anti-Matter Drive: engine powered by anti-matter that is contained in a special tank; untested at onset of this mission. (pg. 39)

Prince Nagadraconis, Naga, was Mark’s #1

Moon base: p. 51 – L5 space station “…would also be a gateway for human missions to the rest of the Solar System, providing a haven where crews could prepare and train before departing to the Moon, nearby asteroids or other planets, much as the USAF had done from its Moon base before 1977…”
— L5

Apollo program: cover for Orion program, p. 52 – “The late …von Braun…the genius behind the Apollo missions as a front for the Orion program…Instead of the succession of self-contained projects NASA had preferred by 2000, the new strategy would be one step at a time…it would not take place, as by then the unhuman forces of the ‘New World Order’ were firmly in power in the United States….In 1979, with Carter in the White House and the DSF about to blast into space, the idea that our own human corruption would end up selling us out was the last thing on our minds. Our worse fears at that moment were that either we would be overwhelmed by an Alien enemy, or we would be fried by a solar flare before we got the chance to get into a real fight.”
阿波羅計畫:用於獵戶座計畫,52 — “遲點... von Braun...阿波羅計畫背後的天才作為獵戶座計畫的前線...直到2000年代替NASA自給自足專案的成功,一個新的策略將會在那時向前走一步...它將不會發生,如那時新世界秩序的非人類勢力在美國確立自己的力量...1979年,白宮的卡特總統和遭受瘋狂關注的DSF,在我們思維中,我們人類的墮落腐化將會使結束和出賣我們的主意。我們此刻更糟的恐懼不是我們被外星敵人鎮壓,或者我們被一次太陽火焰燒焦,而是我們得到了機會去真實的飛行。

Solar flares, pp. 52-54
太陽風 52-54

SOLWIND satellite: p. 55 – white light coronagraph launched 2-24-79; would return images of the solar corona from 3-29-79 through 9-13-85; helped create catalog of coronal mass ejections.

Fission propulsion, p. 57

Nordics; agenda of Collectives; Trogs; Zarkarin learns of Trog plot to ambush peace conference; tells Mark, p. 62 – Collectives want to turn humans into a slave race, allowed to survive only for breeding and meat.

Trogs – 8’ long, 6’ tall insects; cross between praying mantis and ant; multiple-claw paws; cunning & dangerous; involved with plot to overtake the Earth; had started to strip Jupiter of its gases. Had bases on the Hilda asteroids & the main asteroid belt close to Earth.
Trogs — 8尺長,6尺高蟲類,昆蟲螳螂和螞蟻的雜交;有複合鉗的爪;狡猾和危險;陰謀接管地球;已經從木星提取氣體資源。在Hilda隕石和接近地球的小行星帶有基地。

Brian Marsden – director of Minor Planet Center; tracked Near-Earth Objects, pp. 82-83
Brian Marsden 星球中心的副級管理者;跟蹤近地物體,82-83

Uranus & moon, Miranda, pp. 84-86

First Contact with new alien species – cat-like, singing language; able to fly; its Worldship was a living being; could ‘connect’ somehow & learn other languages quickly (pp. 88-89); friendly to Mark & his crew.
與新外星種族的第一次接觸貓人,歌唱式的語言,能夠飛;他們的母船像一隻活著的生物;能以某種方式連接和快速學習其他語言 88-89頁;對馬克和他的成員態度友好。

Vesta is asteroid between Mars & Jupiter, p. 139

QUAD weapons & observation bases (p. 142) – Quantum Ubiquity Atomic Destabilizer superweapon; installed on Vesta, Pallas and Ceres.

Alien agenda; Pallas & Vesta fall to Trogs; Nordic leader sends message to Mark (p 145):

“…As Collective efforts had grown to corrupt civilian governments on the planet, and thus have the government leaders agree (and even request) for alien efforts to be stepped up on Earth – including operations that would change the planet’s environment to be more like alien worlds – the humans who desired to keep their liberty found an unexpected ally in factions within the vast Draconian Empire. Earth was seen as a ‘Holy’ place to the raptors – it was, after all, the mother planet of their species…”

Big battle
Misc. Points

We are not asking you to believe it, but try to disprove it.

90% of the public didn’t question about how much money was being spent. The military counted on the public being idiots because they didn’t have faith in them. Most people would panic if they knew all the truth. Most people would misuse the advanced technology if they were privy to it.

Mark often uses modern-day names for moons and the New World Order; in the ‘70s, they didn’t have formal names.

We may be able to create what’s needed for space but we can’t contain it & we can’t navigate it at light speeds. The best speed we could reach with anti-matter was getting to the closest star in 6 years; Mars in several weeks. Orions were not good for interstellar travel; only for our solar system.

We don’t grasp the amount of energy it takes for traveling at light speeds; there is NO free energy.

Minerva (alien spacecraft in other reports) could travel at light speed because she got her energy from raiding stars on the other side of wormholes

At the time of Star Trek, Gene Rodenberry used the most current technology that he got from his military friends, including Mark’s dad.
當時的Star TrekGene Rodenberry從他的軍人朋友取得的大部分當時的科技,包括馬克的父親。

The best thing the military can do to protect the Earth is to not let the public off of it. Look at the war in Iraq over oil…what do you think would happen if we started going into space to mine Saturn’s rings (for example) and step on the toes of the aliens who are doing that? It would be disastrous.

Do we send military troops into space today? Satellites are getting smaller but rockets are now launched with huge payloads that can hold perhaps 20-30 troops.

Johnson “killed” the MOL program in 1966; so we were led to believe. If they had such a program, why would we kill it?

RAND designed a rocket in the ‘40s – I have the report & it’s available from RAND. Do you not think that the military would have built them before Kennedy announced that we were going to the moon? Do you think it only took 8 years to design & build rockets and send astronauts into space, after Kennedy’s announcement? The RAND rocket went to the moon in the ‘50s.

The only other mission that I know about – because a report to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff was given to Mark to edit – took place in Dulce, NM in the fall of 1979, shortly after the Vesta mission. There is an underground base operated by aliens and humans that has involved atrocities against human captive over the years: large-scale and horrific genetic experiments, mind control, sex slavery, etc. By the fall of 1979, several military officers did not agree with the US government’s allowing this to continue. They planned and carried out an attack on the base with the intention to rescue as many humans as they could and close the base. A horrible battle took place. Rich was the commander-in-chief of the mission and Mark was commander of one of the human combat assault teams.

Reports about these last two missions are available on my EDH website. The first two reports are not available yet.
I found a few interesting quotes from important British people:

Lord Hill-Norton
"The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical force or effect known to our scientists seems to me to be overwhelming... A very large number of sightings have been vouched for by persons whose credentials seem to me unimpeachable. It is striking that so many have been trained observers, such as police officers and airline or military pilots. Their observations have in many instances... been supported either by technical means such as radar or, even more convincingly, by... interference with electrical apparatus of one sort or another..."

From the foreword to a book written by British UFO researcher Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, in 1987. Lord Hill-Norton (GCB), Chief of Defense Staff, Ministry of Defense, Britain; Chairman, Military Committee of NATO; Admiral of the Fleet; Member of House of Lords.
"I have frequently been asked why a person of my background-a former Chief of the Defense Staff, a former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee - why I think there is a cover-up [of] the facts about UFOs. I believe governments fear that if they did disclose those facts, people would panic. I don't believe that at all. There is a serious possibility that we are being visited by people from outer space. It behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want."

British Royal Navy, Video and Disclosure, pp. 305 – 307
不列顛皇家海軍,視頻與揭露 305-307

Earl of Kimberly
"UFOs defy worldly logic... The human mind cannot begin to comprehend UFO characteristics: their propulsion, their sudden appearance, their disappearance, their great speeds, their silence, their maneuver, their apparent anti-gravity, their changing shapes."

Kimberly was former Liberal Party spokesman on aerospace, and member of the House of Lords.

Going back to the 1962 incident that I previously described about the enemy spacecraft, Mark wrote this statement – quite powerful for a 9-year-old: “As we raced towards what would likely be real trouble, when we could have relaxed and run to safety, the lesson was taught to me clearly. Real men never run away. Real men charge into the Gates of Hell, ready to fight Satan if they have to.”

Mark is still charging into the Gates of Hell. I am deeply honored to be part of his family. I believe that he and his father are among a select group of true modern heroes. I am grateful for the opportunity to share their story with you.

~ END ~
We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on! We're going to survive!


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帖 #54 #57 喬安理查茲的丈夫﹐也就是冷戰中的騎士一文中﹐率領人類外太空部隊與外星人作戰的﹐後被誣陷繫獄至今30年的 - 馬克理查茲上位(現年有60歲了)﹐這些都是在她的演講中聽得﹐沒人知道是真是假﹐終於有人更進一步去追查是否屬實 - Project Camelot 的 Kerry 在本月初 11/02﹐去監獄採訪他。以下是Kerry 的訪談內容。




馬克理查茲上尉獨家專訪 (冷戰中的騎士) 11/02
By Project Camelot  Kerry Cassidy
2013-11-12 08:47
2013-11-12 09:04

Published on Nov 8, 2013  14,430

0 ~8:51
Kerry 開車到監獄與喬安理查茲會合﹐監獄是在加州的 Vacaville Prison﹐監獄是在住宅區﹐讓她覺得不可思議﹐解釋現場不能做任何記錄﹐談話時間約有兩小時。喬安說可以問任何問題﹐當然要看雙方溝通言談間的互動及互信﹐若有違反機密宣誓的﹐就不能說(軍方的保密宣誓部份有受到限制﹐但秘密太空計劃則當初沒有經過這程序﹐所以他能透露)。理查的刑期是終身監禁﹐不得假釋。但是喬安期盼﹐因監獄人滿為患﹐而理查又以年過60﹐期盼當局政策改變﹐將來能把這些老而無威脅的人釋放。

● 絕對是軍旅中人﹐有日耳曼及英國背景血統﹐對於秘密計劃知識淵博﹐認為是他正港的真貨。
● 他是海軍﹐父親是空軍高官﹐都參與秘密計劃。
● 顯然的﹐他有得到同意﹐來慢慢釋放這方面的消息﹐除親友外﹐Kerry 是外界第一個來採訪他的。
● 他多年來親身接觸的外星人有﹐Raptors(猛禽類)﹐它們認為地球是它們的﹐它們才是地球原住民。它們在恐龍紀時離開﹐後來重返地球。它們與軍方互動﹐聯合作業﹐在福克蘭有聯合基地(現在式)。
● 它們看起來就像電影侏儸紀公園裡一樣﹐喜歡人類的奢侈品﹐像豪華跑車。它們有自己的家庭觀﹐
● 1951年它們第一次與人類接觸﹐剛開始對人類是負面的﹐在建立接觸後﹐變成盟友性質。
● 它們的原始衝動是吃人﹐在情緒激動時還是會如此做。有例子是在建立像朋友關係交談﹐但當生氣時﹐可以翻臉把人吃掉。
● 它們喜歡吃人﹐但在軍事臍帶建立後﹐它們會約束自己﹐就像吸血鬼一樣般(不是見人就吸血)﹐但是還有這吃人能力。
● 馬克與它們交情不錯。但是外星人自己也有很多的派別﹐有的對人類友好﹐有的不是﹐甚至與同一種族內也有友善與不友善之分。
● 爬蟲人就有好多種﹐其中有兩種對人類極不友善﹐認為地球是它們的﹐要把地球拿回來。
● 爬蟲人與Raptor(猛禽)在為地球為誰屬而交戰。人類是與猛禽族聯手對抗爬蟲人。
● 有一種爬蟲人是跟人類相似﹐用腳行走﹐尾巴退化消失。另一種則是想傳統的﹐還有尾巴。兩者都對人類不友善。
● 還有一種叫Draco(飛龍屬動物?)﹐有長翅膀。地球上有很多外星種族在這裡。
● 地球上的大氣並不適合它們﹐馬克同意改造大氣來適應它們的說法﹐Kerry說甲烷及福島輻射的增加﹐就是改變大氣來讓某些外星人﹐包括爬蟲人能更適應﹐進出地球大氣更為容易。改造地球﹐輻射增加﹐產生變種﹐人類2.0﹐像X-Man﹐這樣人類以後上太空﹐對太空輻射﹐更有抵抗力。
● 他顯然是秘密太空計劃的高級軍官﹐被誣陷﹐所控謀殺案策劃時﹐他在出任務﹐而發生時﹐他剛回來與母親共餐﹐但是他無法以出秘密任務來辯護。

● 談到道西﹐及灰人。馬克說武力是最後手段﹐他那時年青幼稚﹐狀況處理的欠周﹐進入道西﹐原意是非惡意的武力脅迫﹐結果發展轉變成戰爭。馬克說﹐他們是卡特下令行動的。
● 原以為那是在艾森豪時代﹐馬克說﹐艾森豪想要用核彈來對付。而核彈在他們進入作戰時有使用。
● 問到 Sean David Morton 根據爆料者出的書 (Sands of Times)﹐馬克說基本上﹐那書講的是正確的。是有某類外星人在管理那地方(道西)﹐不是灰人﹐灰人多是克隆的。
● 他們使用這種空間門﹐在一邊(身體)先非物質化﹐然後在另一邊再物質化再生。馬克避免使用某些這種空間們﹐因為在非物質化時等於某種死亡﹐雖然再生後一樣﹐但是不再是原樣﹐而是複本。這樣進出會讓你的身體質量逐漸退縮﹐灰人常用這空間門﹐這也是灰人退化的原因之一﹐在生理上也包括心理上。
● 馬克說身體有被改造過﹐如同很多秘密太空計劃的人一樣。超級戰士改造人的故事有相當多真實的成份。
● 馬克認為奈米的威脅是最危險的﹐他有這方面打交道的經驗。
● 沒有那個外星人在真正掌管地球﹐因為它們都在忙著彼此征戰﹐就像地球上的各國爭鬥一樣。
● 西琴的阿努納奇有它的真實性﹐但是它們也不是掌管地球。
● 牽扯到閃族(Sumerrian)是爬蟲人﹐跟掌管梵蒂崗的是同一支。

● 新教宗是納粹﹐納粹經由DNA與爬蟲人有關連。
● 歐巴馬去以色列的秘密基地去朝見阿努納奇人﹐而副手拜登去見教宗﹐是不願對爬蟲人幫的納粹臣服表示。
● 馬克同意中國也有與外星人合作﹐得到科技支援﹐但他不認為中國要掌握(世界)經濟系統。他認為中國在未來5年會面對困難挑戰﹐認為中國會有內戰﹐人民會反抗政府的領導﹐導致內戰。
● 秘密太空計劃﹐主要是由美國人在主導﹐及與一些外星團體有聯繫。

● 談到那些外星團體是友善的﹐哪些不是﹐談到星際聯邦﹐集體意識﹐爬蟲人﹐猛禽族﹐大致上分這幾大類﹐及一個在維度間的種族。但沒有時間細談。

● 地球上有很多星門﹐有的與旋渦有關係﹐有的可以連到月球跟火星。用星門來傳輸物質材料很好﹐但人員會有副作用。Kerry說她的爆料人曾埋怨使用星門讓他健康受損﹐馬克同意這看法。
● 艾森豪有與外星人開會﹐談到從獵戶座來的Nordics人。

● Kerry說她有個理論﹐不是所有的Nordics都對人類友善。
昴宿星人(Pleiades)與Nordics是不同的人﹐看起來也不同。Nordic的頭髮是白金色的﹐還有一些其它的不同特徵﹐昴宿星人(Pleiades)的頭髮則是像Kerry的髮色。理查並不知道Billy Myer的故事。
● 談到AI人工智慧﹐AI還沒有接管地球﹐但是AI是他們潛在的最大敵人﹐很多各敵對種族都有AI。有的人類已經被AI取代。
● 我們是有受到保護的﹐就像以色列列(背後)有受到保護﹐讓他們生存﹐但有些保護者也不見得就是以色列的朋友。它們知道不能就這樣除去人類﹐否則終將會造成它們彼此之間直接的戰爭。正是它們彼此的牽制及制衡﹐人類才能生存至今。
● 所有的外星人及人類都同意將此事保密﹐因為人們還沒有準備好接受外星人的存在。這與他們的種類﹐長相無關﹐而是人們無法接受有的外星人把我們當晚餐的事實﹐不可能接受與它們打交道﹐明知它們要吃掉你。
● 問到落杉磯之戰 Battle of L.A.﹐他說日本人也有他們的兩個外星人同夥﹐合作超過4千年不同的國家有他們不同的外星同夥﹐讓國際關係更複雜。
● 談到太平洋戰爭﹐一些外星人的海底基地在那邊﹐他說海軍在與一些爬蟲人作戰﹐在天平洋環帶﹐用核彈炸了幾個基地﹐像炸了一個島﹐好像叫洛杉磯島﹐一般人都不知道﹐在洛杉磯外海兩百浬。

● 核彈在太空中幾乎毫無用處﹐只能原始的用來炸隕石﹐不像在地球上那麼有用。量子光束 Particle Beam及向量武器 Schlar weapon 超進步﹐比核武超有用許多﹐核武在地球比較有用﹐藉其輻射來改變環境。能讓人類突變﹐產生多種能力。
● 太陽典獄長 Solar Warden﹐是太陽系內的艦隊﹐監控進出(地球)的艦隊﹐種族。
● 他知道艾森慧星﹐及隨其來的外星人﹐會盡力再多獲取一些資料告訴Kerry。
● 他說要成為太空族類的尖端工具﹐是要有能力huo獲取'黑星'能量﹐黑星後來變成黑洞﹐這是太空船動力的來源﹐用在曲速引擎Warp Drive﹐才有能力空間跳躍﹐像電視影集星際爭霸戰般。
● 人們已經擁有這科技﹐是由外星人給的﹐或從一些遺棄的太空船偷來的。人類還在逆向研發一些特定的太空船﹐想要自主﹐才能不需倚賴外星盟友的幫助。
● 大部份灰人是克隆﹐管理道西之一的﹐是從一個遙遠的星系來的高智慧生物﹐與灰人不同的生物。
● 在權力結構中羅斯柴爾德有特定地位﹐但是所能影響的﹐比一般人所想的少。布西也是參與者之一﹐但是你在任何文件中找不到布西家族的記錄﹐因為他們有爬蟲人的DNA﹐但是他們不是變形人 Shape shifter﹐他們不去一般的醫院﹐原因很明顯。

● 納粹也相同﹐血緣與爬蟲人的DNA有關係。 有兩個爬蟲人種族彼此合不來﹐雖然企圖相同﹐但認為對方比自己次等﹐這對我們人類來說是有益的。
● 馬克與猛禽族 Rapters 牽扯甚多﹐不但有特定的朋友﹐小時就與他們建立了血盟兄弟關係。猛禽族可以說英語或其它語文﹐但是須改變聲帶。但是很多的猛禽族軍隊的高階沒有去改聲帶﹐所以他們要用身體語言﹐手勢溝通。猛禽族是稍有一些心電傳輸﹐但不是完全強。
● 馬克自己也有一些身體變更﹐他認為若不是那樣﹐他無法撐過去監獄裡的30年。

● 談到星門地點﹐Kerry提到加州兩個﹐馬克說以色列有一個﹐巴基斯坦阿富汗山間有一個﹐在伊拉克到伊朗之間有幾個﹐有為爭奪這些星門的戰鬥﹐我們想要掌握它們。
● 外星人有這麼多不同的種族與派系﹐很難簡單概括﹐就像人類一個國家裡都有很多不同的勢力。
● 為什麼陷害他﹖ 因為他開始與軍方不同調﹐他不與納粹的進程一致﹐他不贊成野蠻種族對人類做的實驗。某種程度上﹐他不贊成對大量屠殺任何外星人﹐就是敵人也不該。

● 他與俄國女人有聯繫﹐及法國情報頭子﹐也是女士﹐有私人情誼﹐與那些盟友們交流情報。這對軍方造成威脅﹐他們擔憂他會變成一個揭密者。他也口頭表達不贊成﹐軍方要他參與的一些事件﹐變成更多問題。但是他的父親倒是終其一生﹐對這可說是﹐某種程度的'準新世界任務'同步調。因為他的父親是在那種氛圍下成長的。
● 他說與樊蒂崗打過大量交道﹐猜是該與那些爬蟲人吧。他說教宗約翰保祿﹐應該是在60﹐70年代吧﹐是被殺掉的﹐不是死掉﹐是被殺掉﹐如同很多外界懷疑的一樣。在79年﹐樊蒂崗內部權力爭鬥﹐有利巨大的改變。
● 馬克與比爾德伯格Bilderberg的一些會員有聯繫。他說變形人﹐像David Icke提到的﹐並不是像人們講的那樣正確﹐只有很少數的外星人有這能力。Kerry 認為應該更多的是血緣﹐DNA的關係。
● 有非物質化的外星人﹐遠距用人工智慧AI﹐操控類人的機器人。
● 仙女星座有超過上百的種族﹐各有著不同的進程。在過去的50年開始沒落﹐原來是偏向人類﹐現在則因內戰而有分歧。


邊翻邊寫中 .....
We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on! We're going to survive!


The only other mission that I know about – because a report to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff was given to Mark to edit – took place in Dulce, NM in the fall of 1979, shortly after the Vesta mission. There is an underground base operated by aliens and humans that has involved atrocities against human captive over the years: large-scale and horrific genetic experiments, mind control, sex slavery, etc. By the fall of 1979, several military officers did not agree with the US government’s allowing this to continue. They planned and carried out an attack on the base with the intention to rescue as many humans as they could and close the base. A horrible battle took place. Rich was the commander-in-chief of the mission and Mark was commander of one of the human combat assault teams.
我唯一知道的任務是因為一份給美國議會長的報告給馬克去編輯 —在1979年秋天發生在道西,NM,在灶神星任務之後不久。有一個由外星人與人類共同運作的地下基地,多年參與殘暴的行為侵犯被囚禁的人類:巨大規模和可怕的基因實驗,思想控制,性奴隸等。直到1979年秋天,幾個軍隊長官不同意美國政府允許這樣的事情繼續發生。他們計畫了和實行了對基地的攻擊,打算去營救人類和關閉基地。一個可怕的戰鬥發生了。馬克是這任務的指揮官和馬克是其中人類突擊戰鬥小隊的指揮之一。


2.MOL計劃是指1965年Lyndon Baines Johnson 所提出的軍事航天器軌道載入實驗,縮寫即為MOL,代表作就是KH-10,這計劃的延生,即是諸位大大們偶爾常在美國電影中,看見宇宙國際航空站(ISS)的雛形,航空站是由多項計畫,結合而成,這部分須感激蘇聯人的天才,(跟尼古拉有無關係,就不得而知),以下還包含TKS. OPS. 等航天器計劃,當然此計劃也為ICBM做了很大的數據後盾。



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1. DRACO 指的是天龍座來的爬蟲類外星人,傳說很早就來地球了,高棉的吳哥窟地上建築就是模仿天上天龍座的樣子排列的 (Graham Hancock 的研究),也許天龍座爬蟲人就是他們的神?

2. 《Sands of Times》一書作者是 Sean David Morton.

3. Sumerian 不是閃族 (閃族是 Semite),是蘇美爾人,古蘇美爾(Sumer, 今伊拉克)也就是安努納奇外星人的傳說根據地。

另外,根據 Kerry 所言,我找到那座監獄的所在了。這是 Vacaville 的位置,介於加州首府沙加緬度與舊金山灣區之間,在 80 號州際公路旁邊:

Untitled 168.jpg
2013-11-13 10:31

Kerry 提到屠夫路 (Butcher Road),位於 I-80 旁邊,同時可以看到 Kerry 將車停在停車場的那個麥當勞:

Untitled 163.jpg
2013-11-13 10:01

監獄看來離麥當勞有一段距離,我猜 Kerry 在麥當勞與 Jo Ann 見面,然後搭 Jo Ann 的車一同去監獄:

Untitled 170.jpg
2013-11-13 10:16

這是麥當勞,就在 Marshall Road 與 Alamo Drive 的交叉口:

Untitled 164.jpg
2013-11-13 10:01

Untitled 169.jpg
2013-11-13 10:01

來到監獄,Google Map 上只寫著加州醫療設施。但放大一點可以看到四周圍著鐵絲網、也有守衛看守塔:

Untitled 176.jpg
2013-11-13 11:01


Untitled 172.jpg
2013-11-13 11:04

Untitled 173.jpg
2013-11-13 10:16

緊鄰此監獄/醫療設施,是另一座監獄,這是它位於 Peabody 路的入口處:

Untitled 177.jpg
2013-11-13 11:02

dk: 感謝補充
Sean ( Dean) 乃打字錯誤﹐尚未翻完﹐未及校對。
Sumerian 是蘇美人沒錯﹐是老人家體力不濟﹐翻的老眼老眼昏花﹐頭腦不清之故。

圖片補充的好﹐也有想貼﹐但心快手慢 .... 但也不可能像你貼的這麼細﹐謝謝﹗﹗


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另外﹐新的後續訪問這兩天出來了﹐是否有意再翻新的 ﹖現在翻牆可以了吧 ﹖謝謝提供。
We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on! We're going to survive!


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2013/11/02 參與道西戰爭 的馬克里察茲上尉 在加州監獄訪談


(文字)這是Project Camelot的凱芮卡西迪採訪﹐英文謄本請見

這是中文翻譯﹐從英謄本第8頁開始﹐謝謝 malakhz 同學翻譯提供。

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

資料 Kerry Mark Richards 的採訪





















































Mark談到一個擁有前沿技術的種族,作一個太空種族,他把這叫作黑星。他說一個黑星可以變成一個黑洞;就是在那堨L們得到科技。那是一個巨大的力量,這個種族用作飛船動力,他叫作曲速引擎,有能力像Star Trek那樣曲速飛行。





明顯MarkRaptor接觸過很多次,從不僅在Raptor種族埵釭B友,某個的朋友,曾經在Marin村有過一隻被一個Raptor團體擊落的飛船,Mark就是那個村落的孩子。Mark的妻子,Jo AnnMark在小時候有一個傷口來自血親關係的Raptor,其實是他出生不久之後的嬰兒時發生的。



讓我找找別的。我嘗試回憶其他東西。我問過星門在些地方,我叫DeMenwith Hill Dimona的那個,他說以色列的另一部分有一個星門。他說在巴基斯坦和阿富汗之間的山脈範圍有幾個謎一樣星門。我相信那埵釵h個自然星門,在伊朗和伊拉克之間的地區。當然因這些星門生一些戰,我們[人類]當然控制了一些。





(dk: 約翰保羅 = 教宗約翰保祿一世﹐1978/8/26就任﹐33天後猝死)見維基













我倆談到51區有一個星門。他說在洛斯阿拉莫斯,就如我們所想的,在美國西南的一個地方有一個星門。如果我說的Menwith HillDimona。他說澳大利亞是一個非常好的地區,內陸。,我認錄影機快沒電了。所有電池快用完了。我們還在直播呢,但我不確定。還在繼續?[蘭頓:這堿O指代攝像機的電池快沒電了。]












他駕駛過幾種飛船。他參與秘密太空計畫之後駕駛過實驗用途的飛船。他說Star Trek堶惘鹵欞~,人們傾向相信太多的那個作品了。他也把自己比作Kirk船長的角色。領導一支太空艦隊就是他的基本工作。




Mark談到Gobekli Tepe,在土耳其的一個新發現,石碑顯示與天狼星的種族有烈的聯繫,他們曾經是狗形態,他把天狼星人叫作Canan-ites或者Cannite人(類似)天狼星人外貌基本像狗,用後腿站著,從萬古之前天狼星人就來過地球這堙C













We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on! We're going to survive!


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第二篇贴在project camelot部落格上的演讲笔记,我已经翻译好了∼地址http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_699974650102uyb0.html,请dk兄看看


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第二篇贴在project camelot部落格上的演讲笔记,我已经翻译好了∼地址http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_699974650102uyb0.html,请dk兄看看