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The Ice Age is coming... don't panic!
By Richard Littlejohn
Last updated at 10:50 AM on 17th June 2011
Translation by Autumnson Blog

At last, some good news for polar bears. The world is about to enter a mini Ice Age. Scientists working for the American Astronomical Society are predicting a significant drop in solar activity over the next decade.
Last time this happened, between 1645 and 1715, global temperatures plummeted and the River Thames froze over every winter.
While climate change alarmists insist we are heading for meltdown, the truth is that the world has actually been getting cooler in recent years.

Chilly: We can expect to see more of this weather, experts predict

Although the findings from the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico are bad news for the global warming industry, they are not necessarily good news for the rest of us. Politicians are bound to exploit the new evidence for their own purposes . . .
Britain will lead the world in tackling global cooling, the Prime Minister announced today. Unless we act now, he warned, the planet could soon freeze over.
He was speaking after the emergency United Nations climate change summit at the exclusive Cool Runnings ski resort in Jamaica. A new Global Cooling Bill will be brought before the next session of Parliament, aimed at increasing carbon emissions by 60 per cent.
他在緊急聯合國氣候變化峰會後發言,在那牙買加高級的Cool Runnings滑雪場。一個新的全球變冷法案將被提交至下屆的會議前,目的是增加碳排放量60%
The Energy Secretary has given the green light to a modern generation of peat-fired power stations and ordered an increase in drilling for North Sea Oil. Fossil fuels are believed to hold the key to reversing the drop in temperatures.
Alternative energy companies will be given billions of pounds in grants to dismantle wind turbines. These will be smelted down and converted into giant mirrors designed to reflect the sun’s rays in an attempt to reopen the hole in the ozone layer.
Thousands of these mirrors will be erected in areas of outstanding natural beauty all over Britain.
Landfill sites will be converted into vast open-air incinerators, operating around the clock in an attempt to maximise carbon output. Town Halls are to introduce twice-daily dustbin collections to provide the raw materials to keep the home fires burning, although this is expected to lead to a 300 per cent increase in council tax.
Households which fail to produce sufficient combustible material will face heavy fines. Anyone using more than one dustbin will go to prison for five years.
Those people who have installed solar panels, double glazing and loft insulation will have to pay higher taxes. This is necessary to recoup all the money spent in the past subsidising the installation of solar panels, double glazing and loft insulation.

It is hoped that by 2025, every home in Britain will be heated by a wood-burning stove.

The Transport Ministry is encouraging people who have brought hybrid vehicles to switch to petrol- and diesel-driven cars. Road tax on electric cars will rise to £5,000 a year.
London’s congestion charge zone will be scrapped, except for bicycles and low-emission vehicles.
Cyclists and drivers of the Toyota Pious will be charged £100 a day to enter the capital. The Mayor said the money raised will go towards a new fleet of motorcycles, powered by two-stroke engines, which will replace the current Boris Bikes.

The Prime Minister praised Lord Prescott, the EU’s special rapporteur on climate change, for setting an example. If we all drove two Jags, global cooling would be reversed within weeks.
The forthcoming high-speed rail link through the Chilterns will coincide with the reintroduction of steam trains throughout the country.
Aslef leaders welcomed the decision and immediately announced plans for a nationwide strike ballot in support of demands for a 30 per cent pay rise, the reintroduction of footplatemen and an end to flexible rostering.
Defence industry sources said Britain’s two new aircraft carriers, due in 2020, will be powered by coal.
A major expansion of air travel is also planned, with a sixth terminal being built at Heathrow at a cost of £100 billion. This will be funded by a new air passenger tax designed to replace the old air passenger tax.
The smoking ban introduced by the last government is to be scrapped. Cigarettes have been shown to make a significant contribution to greenhouse gases. Ministers believe the threat of a new Ice Age far outweighs any minor concerns about public health.

Several new quangos are being established to enforce the new rules, including the Global Cooling Executive, which will employ 5,000 civil servants and will be given sweeping powers to increase carbon emissions.
Local councils have already begun to place adverts in the Guardian for a new army of global cooling advisers on salaries of up to £100,000 a year, plus a gas-guzzling car of their choice.

The Prime Minister has been deeply influenced by Senator Al Gore’s latest film, Ice Station Zebra, about the perils of global cooling. One memorable scene features a lonely zebra shivering to death in Tanzania.
This film will be shown to every schoolchild in Britain over the coming weeks.
If the drop in temperatures continues, there are fears that dangerous species once thought to be extinct could soon reappear.
The spectre of mastedons, woolly mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers wandering the streets of Tunbridge Wells in search of prey is very real, the Prime Minister warned.
He was asked why Britain was rushing ahead in setting tough new targets for increasing carbon emissions, at a time when China was going nuclear and closing coal-fired power stations at the rate of one a day.
The Prime Minister said the future of the planet was at stake. We owe it to our children not to repeat the mistakes of the past.



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